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Trudeau “delays” Ottawa flood rescue mission for photo op, calls volunteer “unneighbourly”
Trudeau "delays" Ottawa flood rescue mission for photo op, calls volunteer “unneighbourly”
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Trudeau “delays” Ottawa flood rescue mission for photo op, calls volunteer “unneighbourly” 

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Update: According to the RCMP, the prime minister’s security detail did not substantially impact the sandbagging efforts at Constance Bay.

Justin Trudeau was chided by a volunteer for allegedly preventing him and others from “saving people’s homes” in Constance Bay, Ottawa.

The Prime Minister was in the middle of taking a photograph with members of the armed forces who were there to aid in the flood rescue operation.

“Do you know how long you’ve held up people picking up bags?” asked the volunteer. “I’ve been waiting down the road for 30 minutes, while you’ve been here soaking up the rays.”

The army arrived in Constance Bay, Ontario located alongside the flooding Ottawa River on Friday for an emergency effort on April 26th.

Ottawa is currently under a state of emergency due to the river’s rising waters.

“Sir, we’ve been filling sandbags as well,” said Trudeau. “I’m glad to be here with my kids, we just filled sandbags for 15 minutes.”

“You held people up. All your RCMP and security held people up from getting their stuff,” claimed the volunteer. “I was in a truck for an hour while you were here with a photo-op.”

“I’m sorry sir, that’s unfriendly and unneighbourly today,” replied Trudeau.

Approximately 400 soldiers have been called to assist communities along the river.

“The City is coordinating an evacuation plan for residents who live where floodwater is posing an imminent threat to safety, life and property. Affected residents will be informed through a visit by City staff, who will provide specific advice, namely to either evacuate or prepare for the possibility of evacuation,” claims the City of Ottawa website.

Efforts are underway to evacuate homes and prevent further property damage to residential homes and local businesses.

In 2016 during the Fort McMurray wildfires, Trudeau told reporters that a visit to the site would be “unhelpful”.

“I think we’re all aware that a prime minister showing up in Fort McMurray when firefighters are busy trying to contain a massive, raging wildfire is not a particularly helpful thing,” said Trudeau.

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