In a poll conducted for Nanos by the Globe and Mail, no federal leader has an advantage on leading an ethical government. 

Elizabeth May of the Green Party topped the list at 22.8 percent, followed by Conservative leader Andrew Scheer at 20 percent. 

Prime Minister Justin Trudeau only managed to secure 16.3 percent of the vote share and landed in third place. Jagmeet Singh of the NDP followed fourth at 10.1 percent.

Maxime Bernier of the PPC and Yves-François Blanchet of the Bloc ranked bottom at 2.9 and 2.6 percent respectively. 

While 11.6 percent of the respondents were unsure, 13.1 percent said they didn’t view anyone as capable enough to lead an ethical government. 

“No one is the clear winner on ethics. … It doesn’t matter who’s in power, no one has a big advantage on the ethics front and it speaks to the cynicism that people have about any politician being ethical,” said Nik Nanos, the founder and chief data scientist of Nanos Research.

Mr. Nanos also added that the survey also shows the federal election race between the Liberals and the Conservatives. “The NDP is realistically not in play and not a major factor.”

“No one has a significant upper hand. People are unhappy with all the choices and there is a significant amount of volatility,” he said.

In June, a survey released by Nanos showed that ethics would be one of the biggest issues this federal election. 

As Justin Trudeau’s role in the SNC-Lavalin scandal became apparent, the Liberals saw a plunge in their vote share which they have since moderately recovered. 

On Tuesday, Trudeau blocked an RCMP investigation into the matter. 

Mr. Nanos said Mr. Trudeau will “get hammered on ethics and he is going to realistically have to take a hit.”