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The Prime Minister allegedly changed his schedule cancelling an event on climate change in Regina, after Saskatchewan residents called the local store owner to complain, according to Canadian Senator Denise Batters.

Interestingly others such as Jason LeBlanc have brought up the possibility that it was the company who decided to do this, Tweeting that, “[t]he store owner at Gordon Road has now assured everyone that the decision to give Trudeau a stage in Regina was done at corporate @canadiantire. The event has been cancelled according to Regina store manager do [sic] to outpouring of calls detesting the support of PM.”

This could certainly be possible, given the immense opposition in Saskatchewan to prime minister’s energy policies like the carbon tax. In that province, the Conservatives took 10 of 14 seats in the 2015 election.

Nonetheless the PR person for Canadian Tire corporate, repeatedly stated to us that the PM “decided to change his schedule” and that the choice was not made by corporate.

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