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“You suck!”: Trudeau gets booed before announcing seamen race

“You suck!”: Trudeau gets booed before announcing seamen race 

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One angry Canadian gave Justin Trudeau a piece of his mind earlier today in St. John’s Newfoundland.

The prime minister spoke to a crowd of attendees at the Royal St. John’s Regatta boating competition.

While working the crowd, one man pointed to the prime minister and kept saying “You suck!” and calling him a “traitor”. The same person could also be heard booing Trudeau as he shook hands with eventgoers.

“Hey, democracy would be boring if it was unanimous,” said Trudeau in response.

Despite the negative encounter, most of the crowd warmly received the prime minister before he acted as an official guest starter for the race.

The event was the 201st of its kind. The earliest recorded instance of the St. John’s competition is reported to have taken place over 200 years ago in the year 1816.

While there Trudeau largely evaded reporters and took no questions from the media.

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