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Trudeau agrees that the MMIWG tragedy amounts to genocide
Trudeau agrees that the MMIWG tragedy amounts to genocide
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Trudeau agrees that the MMIWG tragedy amounts to genocide 

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Prime Minister Justin Trudeau has made a notable change of statements regarding the findings of the national inquiry into Missing and Murdered Indigenous Women and Girls.

Taking the stage at Women Deliver conference in Vancouver, Trudeau said a genocide occurred, but that ultimately people were spending too much time arguing over the definition of the term, rather than working on fixing the issues raised by the inquiry. “We accept their findings including that what happened amounts to genocide,” Trudeau said.

This was rather different tone when compared to the the statements the Prime Minister made in Ottawa earlier in the day, at the time the government side-stepped directly labeling the issue a genocide.

The government’s quick second comment, highlights just how intense the debate has been around the topic. With some lambasting the government for refusing directly state the word genocide, when the chief commissioner directly states, “this report is about deliberate race, identity and gender-based genocide.”

While others such as Quillette‘s Jon Kay actively oppose the decision to use the term arguing that is an example of concept creep which devalues the word itself.

What do you think is the right decision here? Join the conversation by commenting below!

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