Last night, the Toronto Raptors faced off in a massive game five against the NBA’s defending back-to-back champions, the Golden State Warriors. After an absolute thriller, the Warriors ended up edging out the Raptors by just one point, forcing the series to continue on, at least for one more game.

Earlier on in the day, WOJ had reported that Kevin Durant was going to make his return to the court after missing several weeks with a calf injury. This was massive news for Golden State, as they were getting back their two-time-finals-MVP star player. Although a 3-1 series comeback has only happened once in NBA Finals history, all of the sudden the three-game deficit didn’t seem so insurmountable.

Early on in the second quarter, though, Durant was injured on what initially seemed like an innocuous move. After only a moment, it became clear that Durant was injured, staying on the ground and needing his teammates’ assistance to get back up.

This is when things got a bit wild. As Durant got on his feet and began limping off the court, Toronto Raptors fans cheered and applauded his injury, in a move which every sportscaster in the nation would call classless.

Yes, it was classless. The reason that happened, is because Toronto sports fans are classless. But please, allow me to play devil’s advocate:

Kevin Durant… Did the Toronto fans hurt your feelings? I’m so sorry that the guy who signed a two year $54.3 million contract with the Golden State Warriors, a team who had just gone 73-9 (!!!) in the season prior got his poor feelings hurt! Toronto fans are soooo sowwy they were mean to you, Kevin!

What’s with American sports and their “unwritten rules” about class? As long as there’s no actual physical violence, I want Raptors fans to hate Golden State with every bone in their body. It’s not like the man isn’t going to still be a millionaire after the game.

Across the pond in countries like jolly old England, fans are absolutely ruthless, picking on players in ways that if experienced by Kevin Durant would send him into some time of insult-induced shock. Chants about players being caught doing cocaine, calling them freaks for being ugly, calling them inbred, singing about Korean players eating dogs, or a variety of other colourful insults.

Meanwhile, Lowry, Ibaka, and Danny Green gestured in the audience to lower their voices, which is obviously a good thing. To be totally serious, we obviously don’t want our sporting enemies injured. We just don’t want Durant to play on the already stacked Golden State Warriors.

As Durant was walked off the court, he was briefly consoled by Drake on the sidelines, and eventually a round of applause from the Toronto fans.

Toronto fans can be classless, but it might be the only interesting thing about them. They cheer when someone’s hurt, they throw beer onto the field when an umpire applies the rules from the MLB rule book, and they’ve been seen tossing their Leafs jersey on the ice after a tough loss against the Predators. Toronto fans know how to show their ugly side, but isn’t that just human nature?