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Toronto private schools ask children to stay home after coronavirus threat
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Toronto private schools ask children to stay home after coronavirus threat 

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Two private schools in the Greater Toronto Area have made it aware that some parents were on the same flight as the Ontario patient who has been diagnosed with the coronavirus, according to CTV News.

Since coronavirus was brought to the attention of the Western public last week, there has been a great deal of panic around the spreading of the virus. Originally starting in Wuhan, China, the disease has now spread to Canada—with two confirmed cases.

Since then, two private schools in Ontario have asked parents to not send their children to school if they have recently travelled to China. One school, named Richmond Hill Montessori School, has asked children to stay at home for at least 15 days.

In an “emergency order,” the school asked that parents “kindly note, the same 15-day quarantine applies to any RHMS family who may have come in contact with individuals travelling to Toronto from China or any other countries or cities to be known to have confirmed novel coronavirus (2019-nCoV) cases.”

Another Montessori has also sent a message to parents, asking them to quarantine “themselves for the recommended 14-day period to ensure the safety of themselves and others.”

It is unclear whether any of the parents have been affected.

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