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Toronto mobster killed in Etobicoke shooting
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Toronto mobster killed in Etobicoke shooting 

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A Toronto mobster has been shot and killed outside a restaurant in Etobicoke. The shooting was carried out as a hit and run, panicking many in the surrounding area.

The victim was known for being a veteran and an enforcer in the crime world. During his time in the mob, he had protected some of Canada’s most serious criminals, according to the National Post.

The murdered mobster, whose name was Antonio Fiorda, was attacked in broad daylight in a busy strip mall. Fiorda had a wife and two children and was considered a trusted insider by the notorious Commisso crime family.

The Commisso family has operations in both Southern Italy and Canada. Their operations in Canada, however, are particularly focused in the Toronto-GTA area. They have been labelled as being particularly audacious with their violence.

In 1996, during an operation for the Commisso family, Fiorda was imprisoned by the Toronto police for possessing an AK-47 assault rifle, a pipe bomb, and other explosives in his North York home

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