A Toronto hair stylest caught roundhouse kicking a pro-life woman on camera last year has been given eight months probation following two charges of assault and one of mischief under $5000, according to LifeSiteNews.

Jordan Hunt, 27, apologized earlier this week, to “everyone I hurt by my actions” in a letter read out in court by the Justice overlooking the case.

“Everyone should have the right to be without fear when they act on their beliefs. I sincerely regret that I chose such a poor way of expressing myself,” wrote Hunt.

“My behaviour was foolish and unacceptable, and I wish to apologize to the people I hurt. I want them to know that I learned a lot since these incidents. This behaviour will not be repeated and I am truly remorseful for my actions.”

He also entered a guilty plea.

While most have seen the following video, Hunt was actually charged for two separate incidents.

The first incident most saw was the above video showing Jordan kicking Marie-Claire Bissonnette of the Campaign Life Coalition after an argument.

While the second came shortly after when Hunt was identified as the person caught knocking over a sign during a demonstration in 2018.

During that demonstration Hunt tried to take a sign from another individual, causing the person to fall against a pole and cut her finger.

The court based on joint recommendations from Crown lawyers and the defence gave a conditional sentence alongside eight months probation.

Hunt will have to stay 100 meters away from any pro-life demonstration, attend counselling, not contact victims involved in the case, and pay roughly $200 in damages.

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