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A 29-year old Toronto man has admitted to traveling to Turkey in 2014 and attempting to reach Syria where he intended on joining ISIS.

Pamir Hakimzadah is the fifth Canadian to be convicted of leaving Canada to join a terrorist group. He has plead guilty to the crime of leaving Canada to participate in the activity of a terrorist group.

According to the Department of Public Safety, Sunni Islamist extremism is still Canada’s number one terrorist threat. The report also says that there are an estimated 190 Canadians abroad who are suspected of having been involved in terrorist activity.

According to a statement of facts, Hakimzadah grew increasingly radical in his Islamist beliefs before attempting to travel to Syria.

Under the pretense of traveling to Montreal to meet friends, the former Ryerson student flew to Amsterdam and then to Istanbul.

He was reported by a Taxi driver to Turkish authorities who then deported him back to Canada.

Hakimzadah was eventually arrested in Canada for assault.

Canadian authorities began looking into Hakimzadah in 2014 and eventually charged him with terrorism in 2017.

He is facing 10-years in prison for his crimes. Hakimzadah will be back in court on February 26.