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Three dogs dead after American owner leaves them in blistering hot car
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Three dogs dead after American owner leaves them in blistering hot car 

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A Rhode Island woman has been charged with three counts of unnecessary cruelty to an animal and confinement of an animal in a motor vehicle after leaving her dogs in her car for “an extended period”, according to police.

The incident occurred on Sunday, July 21 when the 65-year-old owner, Ann Garnett, left her two black Labradors and a Gray Keeshond in her car to run errands.

No water was left inside the vehicle and the windows were left up, something police and media remind the public not to do.

Garnett claims that she left the air conditioning on, but police have said there is no evidence that the air conditioning was working to begin with and it can always turn off after a certain length of time.

According to The Sun, “Experts from the University of San Francisco found if outside temperatures were 35C, as they were in Rhode Island on Sunday, temperatures could reach at least 54C within 30 minutes.”

When found, multiple police members and firefighters attempted to revive the animals on scene, but to no avail. They were, then, transported to Newport Animal Hospital where they were all pronounced deceased.

“She was arraigned at Jamestown Police Headquarters and released,” reports WPRI. “Garnett’s attorney says she has no comment right now.”

Her charges include up to $1,000 fines for each count of cruelty and the possibility of five years in prison.

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