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Third-party advertisers distribute misleading pro-NDP flyers ahead of Alberta election
Third-party advertisers distribute misleading pro-NDP flyers ahead of Alberta election
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Third-party advertisers distribute misleading pro-NDP flyers ahead of Alberta election 

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Voters have raised concerns about a third-party advertising group delivering pamphlets on behalf of NDP candidates Anne McGrath and Todd Russell. Several people complained about the confusing nature of the flyers, which mimic Conservative colours and fail to disclose party affiliations, potentially running afoul of third-party advertising laws.

The pamphlets which were obtained by The Post Millennial, were distributed by The Fire Fighters for Alberta. A group, which has been very vocal in endorsing Alberta’s NDP candidates during the 2019 provincial election.

The group which is supported by the Fire Fighters of Alberta Association (FFAA), distributed their political endorsements throughout the province.

“Through new election laws, we had to create a third-party funded campaign strategy,” said Craig Macdonald, president of the Alberta Fire Fighters Association (AFFA), “and we came up with the concept for Fire Fighters for Alberta.”

Firefighters for Alberta is a Third-Party Advertiser (TPA) and registered with Elections Alberta on Nov. 30, 2018.

Voters in Calgary-Varsity were shocked when a group called Fire Fighters for Alberta endorsed NDP candidate Anne McGrath on a handbill. However, the handbill did not clarify what party McGrath was running for or who the Firefighters for Alberta are or what they represent

McGrath & Russell endorsed by Fire Fighters for Alberta

The Alberta NDP hailed the group’s support of the party on social media, claiming it was a historic moment for Albertans.

Russel worked as a captain for Grand Prairie Fire Department for several years and he is now running for the riding.

For the past three-and-a-half years, we’ve had an incredible working relationship with the current government,” Macdonald said.

“Coming into our fall legislative convention, we put out requests to meet with the parties that were going to go into the 2019 election. We had the opportunity to meet with the Alberta Party as well (as the) NDP, and unfortunately, I didn’t get the same chance with the UCP.

Alberta NDP known for its Brochure tampering

The NDP and its supporters have been known for their antics of replacing brochures, but now this brochure matter has become a little challenging to differ from the UCP Brochure.

Given the colours of these handbills are very PC-esque, questions and concerns have been raised by constituents over the blatant misdirection by the said Third-Party Advertiser.

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