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The ‘Scheer Must Go’ movement failing to gain traction so far
Andrew Scheer
Canadian News

The ‘Scheer Must Go’ movement failing to gain traction so far 

On the Oct. 21, in a stale Saskatawan hotel room, Conservative leader Andrew Scheer walked onto a stage, telling a depressed audience that the “Conservatives have put Justin Trudeau on notice … when [the Liberal] government falls, Conservatives will be ready and we will win.”

Despite the applause that this comment provoked in that conference room, there has been a rumbling drone of discontent towards Scheer’s leadership, pervasive throughout background Conservative circles. On Monday, the establishment media finally became aware of this from Doug Ford’s Twitter, where an anti-Scheer message was retweeted to an audience of over 140,000 people. Ford inevitably denied that there was any intention behind this, and some unfortunate staffer subsequently found himself to be searching for another job. 

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