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The NDP has a long history of siding with far-left dictators
The NDP has a long history of siding with far-left dictators
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The NDP has a long history of siding with far-left dictators 

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NDP leader, Jagmeet Singh, publicly denounced the Canadian government for questioning the election of Venezuelan dictator, Nicolas Maduro.

Governments around the world, including Canada and the United States have announced their opposition the results of Venezuela’s recent election and thrown their support behind the President of Venezeula’s National Assembly, Juan Guaido.

Singh called the West’s denouncement of Maduro’s regime as “foreign interference”.

Since the faux election of Maduro, the United Nations have given the illegitimate President eight days to call another election or they will recognize Juan Guaido.

After Maduro came into power the country’s economy has plunged into crisis. Dozens of protestors have been killed or injured by government forces for questioning the government. Venezuelans are starving and facing a famine. Nearly three quarters of Venezuela’s population has lost close to 20 pounds in weight because of lack of food and sustenance.

Jagmeet Singh’s reluctance to side with Canada and the United States on Venezeula could potentially be on an ideological basis or simply a means to stand out from his opponents. Leading up to the election, Singh’s performance in the polls and on mainstream media has been lackluster.

Choosing to side with Maduro on Venezuela might have the effect of being controversial enough to get Singh some press time but the move is surely to prove unpopular and might serve to isolate the president and his party even further from voters.

Singh isn’t the first NDP politician to appeal to Venezuelan socialist interests.

His comments came shortly before, Niki Ashton an NDP MP from Manitoba condemned Trudeau for recognizing the centre-left Popular Will leader.

In fact, the NDP has a long history of siding with repressive regimes for ideological reasons.

Former NDP candidate Linda McQuaig has also spoken favorably of Maduro and has even taken photos alongside Venezeula’s former dictator Hugo Chavez.

Back in 1981, former NDP leader Ed Broadbent was also reported to have a personal audience with Cuba’s former dictator, Fidel Castro, at his personal villa.

NDP will surely stand alone while other countries like Britain, Germany, France and Spain have announced that they will recognize Guaido as Venezuela’s legitimate leader.

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