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The moral panic over gender is very irrational and very real
Moral Panic

The moral panic over gender is very irrational and very real 

Much of the west is now experiencing a moral panic around gender, based on the irrational hypothesis that, alone among the planet’s innumerable species, the sexual norm for humans is not essentially binary. All our political, social and cultural institutions genuflect to the now-sacralized notion that a subjective dysphoria—but only a gender dysphoria, not other kinds like anorexia—is the equivalent of, and therefore may be legally enshrined as, material reality. 

We are observing this hypothesis taken to its logical conclusion in ugly ways that have had the effect of erasing natal women in formerly protected domains such as sport, female-only services, prisons and rape shelters. Politicians, educators, sports associations, medical professionals, social media hegemons: It has been astonishing and horrifying to witness the abandonment of reason and the willed blindness to misogynistic practice such abandonment gives rise to amongst our most empowered cultural gatekeepers. 

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