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The cancelled are uncancelling themselves
The cancelled are uncancelling themselves

The cancelled are uncancelling themselves 

There is nothing more quintessentially 2019 than social justice shaming and cancellation. The poet Joseph Massey has written a beautiful poem about it. You see, Massey was cancelled as a result of untested grievances by ex-partners in what has become an all-too-familiar ritual throughout North American arts communities. Basically, it was alleged that he used his “power” and “influence” in the poetry world to verbally and psychologically harm other poets.

Of course, you can’t prove a negative, but the idea that poets wield any power is quite preposterous in and of itself. There’s a reason for the saying “drunk as a poet on payday.” But the allegations against Massey are so mind-blowingly stupid that they read like satire worthy of Titania McGrath. If Massey is indeed guilty of “severe name calling,” well then, who cares? Is this really the standard? Instead of going away, Massey decided to continue his relationship with poetry and simply walk away from the poets. He said no to being cancelled.

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