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Survey: almost 80% of Canadians oppose further gun control
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Survey: almost 80% of Canadians oppose further gun control 

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According to the Globe and Mail, the Trudeau government’s plan to take away your guns has run into one major roadblock. The Canadian people don’t want any more gun restrictions.

After the tragic shooting in Danforth last year, the Trudeau government ran a survey in October and November.

An Access to Information request (ATIP) revealed that 134,917 respondents filled out the multiple choice questionnaire. The results showed that almost 80% of respondents opposed further limits on guns.

A whopping 103,231 of respondents said “no” to the question, should more “be done to limit access to assault weapons?”

Anti-gun activists have cried foul over the results, claiming that the results were tampered with using computer automation. While at least one pro-gun lobbyist claimed that the questions were rigged in favour of an anti-gun agenda.

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