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Students outraged as U of T professor makes students follow him on social media for grades
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Students outraged as U of T professor makes students follow him on social media for grades 

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The University of Toronto has become the centre of attention after frustrated students revealed that a professor required them to purchase his book and follow him on social media for better grades.

According to Reddit user XdaZxz, who will be referred to as Daz, Professor Mitchell Huynh made 5 percent of his course reliant on whether or not students followed through with the social media follow and the book buy.

In a photo posted by Daz, the breakdown of the course can be seen with the requirements being labelled as “Pinnacle of Participation.”

The photo of the grading outline has since been deleted.

The book accounts for a boost of 1 percent, with Twitter and Instagram also each being worth one percent, as well as a LinkedIn connection.

Having the book signed by Huynh also accounted for another 1 percent of the marks.

Other students replying to the post voiced their displeasure, as many felt as though the demand of following a professor on social media was crossing the line.

“Marks for social media follows is definitely not allowed,” one user wrote in the U of T Mississauga thread. “Presumably the book signing is so that students can’t buy a used copy and it would not be appropriate to so blatantly tie this to the students’ grades.”

“I think the main issue here is that he’s blatantly trying to profit off his students by increasing his followers count AND attributing marks to buying his book,” said another post.

Huynh is a U of Toronto Alumni himself who has since entered wealth management and condo development.

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