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As we all know, aliens are real and they’re located mainly in the detention centres on the U.S. southern border. But when it comes to aliens from outer space, we know that they most certainly own desert-side property in the sunny state of Nevada, a fact that we certainly all NV. (envy)

But one man has made life for these Area 51 aliens quite tough, as the giga-viral “Storm Area 51” Facebook event has now reached a stunning 1.7 MILLION attendees, with another 1.3 million “interested” in the event, a fact that aliens are concerned about, mainly due to the potential drop to their property value.

All jokes aside, the man who started this insane event home, Matty Roberts, is trying to explain to the rest of his fellow terrestrials exactly how this event took off.

“It started out just from a pure stroke of imagination,” Roberts told KTNV in Las Vegas. “It’s funny.”

The event, which plans on storming the top-secret military base in the Nevada desert, has become a social media sensation and has gained the attention of everyone from Joe Rogan, all the way to demi-gods Chuck Norris and Keanu Reeves.

The sensation has caused a domino effect which has resulted in thousands of hilarious memes, most of which involve “saving the aliens” or “getting a joy ride on a sweet UFO.”

Many of the Facebook page members have posted a variety of strategies to either flank or straight-up swarm the base, a result which—if it were to actually transpire—would result in the deaths of tens of thousands of Earthlings.

Bud Light, the famous beer which tastes like water with too much lead in it, has even attempted to capitalize on the phenomenon, promising free bubbly beverages to any alien that can escape Area 51.

Roberts, the man behind the Facebook event, has said that his tongue-in-cheek joke now has a life of his own, as people are now messaging him to inform him that they’re 100 percent serious about the raid.“I’m just like, ‘Oh my God, bud,’” he said.

The U.S. Air Force, a great arm of the military with a long history of killing people, say they “stand ready” to defend the facility from any and all threats.

Of course, Roberts does not actually intend on storming Area 51. The idea, he says, was inspired by an episode of the Joe Rogan experience in which he interviews Bob Lazar, a man who very convincingly makes the claim that he once worked at a nearby base in which he attempted to reverse-engineer hyper-advanced technology which he claims could generate gravitational fields. 

What Roberts does plan on doing, is throwing a Nevada-based bash for those who actually do show up to the small town of Rachel, Nevada, outside of the restricted government area. “It’s not going to be a military base slaughter,” he told KTNV. “It will actually be something really fun [and] educational. Maybe music and art. That’s what I’m working on.”