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Stop apologizing, Scarlett Johansson

Stop apologizing, Scarlett Johansson 

The latest round of useless apologies comes to us courtesy of Scarlett Johansson. In an interview with David Salle in As If, she was asked her perspective on that overly controversial aspect of Hollywood entertainment, casting. Her comments were splashed across the internet, and she was roundly critiqued for being insensitive to the LGBTQ community. Again. This is not ScarJo’s first rodeo with being faulted for her professional interaction with LGBTQ ideology.

In 2018, she was hit with backlash after accepting the role of Dante “Tex” Gill, a transgender 1970’s Pittsburgh crime boss. In response, she gave up the part, saying “she realized it would be insensitive to take up the role.” Then as now, she should never have apologized. But after having been mocked for playing a “canonically Asian character” in Ghost in the Shell in 2017, she wasn’t taking any chances.

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