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Southern Ontario could see major ice buildup, power outages expected
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Southern Ontario could see major ice buildup, power outages expected 

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Large parts of Ontario will have to deal with a potential ice build-up and power outages as freezing rain hit the province Sunday and is expected to continue overnight and into Monday.

According to the Weather Network, “Conditions in Ontario will manifest as an ice storm for parts of the region and could bring significant ice buildup that has the potential to cause power outages and make travel nearly impossible at times.”

Environment Canada has issued freezing rain warnings in both north and south Ontario.

Experts are concerned of the possibility of extended periods of freezing rain which could lead to snapping tree branches and downed power lines.

Environment Canada has warned drivers that conditions on Monday will be poor as “surfaces such as highways, roads, walkways and parking lots may become icy and slippery.”

They’re also asking drivers to adjust to changing road conditions.

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