In response to Prime Minister Justin Trudeau’s announcement stating that the government has approved the Trans Mountain Expansion pipeline, Opposition Leader Andrew Scheer blasted the decision as disingenuous.

“This is in fact the third time that the Liberals have approved this project,” said Scheer in his statement before the press.

“The real question that Justin Trudeau was unable to answer is when the Trans Mountain pipeline will actually get built?”

Earlier today, Trudeau appeared with several senior members of his cabinet to announce the decision.

“We don’t see these goals as irreconcilable, we see them as complimentary,” Trudeau said about the decision in relation to his party’s goals to combat climate change.

Scheer blamed the Prime Minister of alienating the Western oil and gas sector and working to undermine Canada’s resource independence.

“I doubt his sincerity because he actually hasn’t done anything. Show me the pipeline. Where is it? He announced last year that it would be operating this year and it’s not. I don’t believe he actually wants it built,” said Scheer.

Scheer is set to deliver the Conservative Party of Canada’s climate change policy tomorrow during a public appearance.

“Conservatives have gotten pipelines built in the past and we will do it again,” said Scheer.