A Calgary teacher accused of sexually preying on 26 children has been sentenced to 16 years in prison.

29-year-old Christian Sarile targeted young girls and a transgender boy between the ages of 12 and 17.

According to court evidence, Sarile extorted the children into performing degrading sex acts on him with promises of payment and drugs. He would also threaten that he would release sexually explicit photographs of them if they didn’t comply.

Sarile, who worked as a grade 6 teacher and music instructor in Calgary, was first arrested in 2017. He was convicted on several charges including producing child pornography, luring, sexual extortion, paying minors for sexual services and sexual assault. Sarile plead guilty to all 17 charges against him.

When arrested Sarila was found to have an extensive child pornography collection including 4,697 images and 1,141 videos.

Shortly after his initial arrest, Sarile immediately sexually assaulted another 14-year-old girl and was rearrested in December, 2017. Sarile was granted bail before the re-offense and was free in the community for several months. He has been in custody ever since.

“He is clearly an admitted serial sexual predator who exploited and assaulted vulnerable children for his own sexual gratification and amusement,” said Justice Earl Wilson during Sarlie’s sentencing.

The trial revealed that Sarile would target specifically vulnerable children who come from problem homes or had substance abuse problems.

Despite the prosecutions calls for Sarile to serve 18 years in prison, he will only be in prison for 16 years.