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Senior Trudeau government officials confirm discussion on SNC-Lavalin with AG, inquiry needed immediately
Senior Trudeau government officials confirm discussion on SNC-Lavalin with AG, inquiry needed immediately
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Senior Trudeau government officials confirm discussion on SNC-Lavalin with AG, inquiry needed immediately 

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The recent SNC-Lavalin scandal in which the PMO has been alleged to have directed the former attorney general to drop a criminal investigation into a company with a long history of bribing government officials, as well as bypassing Canadian laws to donate over $100,000 to the Liberal party, has now gotten dead serious.

According to senior government officials who spoke to the Globe and Mail, “discussions were held with Jody Wilson-Raybould when she was justice minister and attorney-general on options in the case of SNC-Lavalin Group Inc., including shelving a corruption and fraud prosecution to help workers who could be affected if the company were convicted.”

The Prime Minister has publicly denied that his office “directed”  Wilson-Raybould, the former AG, but continues to dodge most reporters’ questions. Trudeau has also skipped out on question period during this time, while former AG Jody Wilson-Raybould has stuck to her client confidentiality and has refused to speak candidly to the public.

The lack of transparency to all Canadians has led both the NDP and Conservative party leaders to call for either an ethics investigation or an emergency meeting with the Parliamentary Justice Committee in order to question multiple members of the Liberal government.

On top of this, the father of former Attorney General has publicly called out the Trudeau government on Facebook, before doing an interview with Maclean’s noting that her daughter had been “kicked in the teeth”.

With such an intense scandal, one can’t help but recall the words of a younger and less political Trudeau, who once quipped, “It’s hard not to feel disappointed in your government when every day there is a new scandal.”

Now, it feels like that in Canada. In fact, it feels even worse than that.

In this moment, many Canadians have the genuine feeling that our government is covering up a scandal.

The fact that an Attorney General was “pressed” into potentially dropping a criminal investigation, and when she refused, she was fired. Soon after that, a new AG was approved. If that isn’t worthy of interest, I don’t know what is.

With Canadians, the opposition, and the media asking questions, we have been left with nothing but a quick, dismissive response. There has been no proof and certainly no serious commitments to look into the matter.

This case is truly serious and underpins some of the most basic beliefs Canadians adhere to in our legal system as well as our political system. If the Prime Minister, his party, or his cabinet practice what they preach regarding transparency, then they should openly welcome a public investigation into this matter.

Nothing less will suffice for the Canadian people.

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