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Canada Day will be a scorching 34°C for the GTA

Canada Day will be a scorching 34°C for the GTA 

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Here comes the sun, GTA!

Canada Day is coming up, and hopefully for you, you have some big plans for Canada’s 152nd birthday. This coming weekend is looking to be one of the hottest yet.

According to Environment Canada, Saturday is going to hit a very toasty 29 C, but it’s going to feel like a sweltering 34 C.

Sunday, which is when our nation hits a wonderful 28 C, with no sight of rain in the forecast. 

On Monday the high will be 29 C and feel like it’s 30 C with no chance of rain.

So if summer’s slow start had you worried, I think the sun has finally hit its stride and summer may be sticking around for the next couple of months.

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