The Rhinoceros Party, a satirical political party known for their bold campaign promises such as repealing the law of Gravity, has found the perfect candidate for run for the Beauce, Quebec riding currently held by Maxime Bernier—his name is, coincidentally, Maxime Bernier.

Rhinoceros Party leader Sebastien CoRhino told Beauce Media the move is pure political strategy. In his comment he made to Beauce Media, he said “since there are a lot of Beauce residents who want to vote for Maxime Bernier and also vote for the Rhinoceros party, our party is now offering the option to vote for both the Rhino’s AND Bernier.” The slogan for the candidate will be “Don’t take a chance, vote for both!”

Maxime “The Rhino Bernier, as he will be affectionately called, has already started making campaign promises, specifically one of exporting the population of Beauce across Canada to work. “I love Beauce. There’s hard workers, entrepreneurs, and small business owners. It’s a model for Canada, and I want to export Beauce residents across Canadian cities to open Little Beauce’s!”