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RCMP seize Lego shaped weed edibles “capable of killing children”
RCMP seize Lego shaped weed edibles "capable of killing children"
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RCMP seize Lego shaped weed edibles “capable of killing children” 

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Halifax RCMP has raided an illegal cannabis business in Timberlea, N.S., and seized cannabis-related products.

Interestingly, according to a news release, police seized some very strong edibles which were designed in the shape of Lego blocks.

These Lego block edibles maintained a 500 mg dosage, which could be strong enough to kill a child, according to the RCMP.

This is extremely interesting wording, as no one has died from marijuana consumption. According to a Washington Post article, currently scientists believe the link between Marijuana and children need to be researched, but no real dangers have been found.

Of course, this does not mean children should be given drugs or that these Lego block edibles are safe. In reality, they should still be kept out of the hands of anyone below the age of consumption and could cause a child to be hurt while reacting in fear of what is going on around them due to the extremely high potency.

The RCMP report did make an important point though, noting that many of the illegal production areas where making concentrated goods in extremely unsanitary areas.

“For example, a storefront operation in Lower Sackville that was shut down by police two weeks ago was filling gel capsules with a cannabis derivative by hand in a room that was infested with rat feces,” the release said.

This part of the release is extremely worrying, especially when put in relation to edibles or concentrate products.

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