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RCMP finds Alberta wildfires started by arson

RCMP finds Alberta wildfires started by arson 

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The RCMP have announced that they believe that this summer’s wildfires in Alberta were the result of arson.

The McMillan fire, which was deliberately set consumed a total of 2,730 square kilometres.

Several communities were affected by the fire and forced to evacuate including Wabasca, Bigstone Cree and Peerless Trout First Nations.

The fire burned for nearly two months from May 18th to July 1st before it was finally brought under control by firefighters.

Investigators and the government are seeking help to identify who the individual responsible for the fire was and are asking potential witnesses to come forward.

“To the families affected by this wildfire who were evacuated, and to the forest industry who suffered losses, we will find the person responsible for the McMillian wildfire,” said Devin Dreeshen, the province’s minister of agriculture and forestry.

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