The RCMP deployed an underwater diving team to search a northern Manitoba river following a new lead that came Friday.

According to the RCMP, helicopter operators discovered a damaged aluminum boat while looking for the two manhunt suspects, Kam McLeod and Bryer Schmegelsky, in the thick woodland area surrounding Gillam, Manitoba. The boat was located on the shore of the Nelson River, reports CBC.

Five members of the RCMP Underwater Recovery Team are now conducting a thorough search of the area.

Additionally, several items directly linking the suspects have been found on the shoreline of the Nelson River, according to RCMP Manitoba.

This latest development comes after a dismal week in the ongoing investigation that saw all efforts turn out fruitless and the number of officers on the case reduced. That was on day eight and nine of the manhunt, and we are now on day thirteen of the RCMP combing through the rugged terrain of northern Manitoba.

 “At the height of the pursuit, officers used aerial surveillance, drones and police dogs and canvassed every home and abandoned building, but no sightings of the fugitives have been confirmed since a burned-out Toyota RAV4 was found near Sundance Creek, northeast of Gillam, Man, on July 21. It is believed the pair were driving the vehicle,” reports CBC’s Ian Froese.

“In searching for people in vast, remote and rugged locations, it’s always a possibility that they’re not going to be immediately located,” says RCMP Assistant Commissioner Jane MacLatchy.