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Radical blogs are instructing activists on how to sabotage Canada’s train tracks
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Radical blogs are instructing activists on how to sabotage Canada’s train tracks 

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Left-wing blogs have been offering instructions and maps during the #ShutDownCanada protests on how to blockade and destroy train tracks and other pieces of Canada’s infrastructure, according to True North.

Two websites in particular, these being North Shore and Warrior Up, have instructed demonstrators how to damage Canada’s pipelines, roads and railways.

In some of North Shore’s posts, for instance, they told their readers to stand in solidarity with the Wet’suwet’en tribe by destroying train tracks. In this article, the author makes it perfectly clear that he wants to damage Canada’s economy at large.

More absurdly, however, the article then went on to instruct the reader on how to compose a chemical mixture that destroys steel rail tracks—taking particular care to describe how not to leaving fingerprint or DNA evidence.

The far-left blog Warrior Up also gave instructions on how to sabotage the Canadian economy. The website describes itself as a how-to-guide for “for anarchists and other rebels carrying out actions against the economy of death.” 

Warrior Up went on to say that they were calling on “all warriors and revolutionaries around the world to immediately orient themselves around blockading infrastructure.”

“Collectives must research infrastructure to find the most vulnerable chokepoints and get organized to block them in effective ways,” it adds.

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