The statue of our nation’s first prime minister, Sir John A. Macdonald, was vandalized yet again, just ahead of Victoria Day, a holiday celebrated in most provinces.

But this time, the vandalization didn’t stop there. A statue of Queen Victoria was also painted red.

The Montreal May Anarchists took responsibility for the vandalizations, stating that they did it for “anti-colonial” reasons.

Citing the Brigade de solidarité anticolonial Delhi-Dublin, the anarchist group said the Queen Victoria statue was an “insult to the struggles for self-determination and resistance of oppressed peoples worldwide.”

They didn’t stop there. They also called John A. Macdonald a “white supremacist,” saying that his statue should be removed from its public space and placed in a museum.

Unpersoning people is the new trend, and apparently, even being dead for 128 years won’t stop anarchists from calling you out for doing horrible things during a different era.

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