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Quebec achieves surplus of $1.4 billion, gives it back to the people
Francois Legault
Canadian News

Quebec achieves surplus of $1.4 billion, gives it back to the people 

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Quebec’s governing party the Coalition Avenir Québec has achieved an impressive surplus of $1.4 billion and will now look to distribute amongst the Québecois people according to the CBC.

Legault’s CAQ will look to make good on its promise to eliminate the sliding-scale system for daycare fees. As well as this, they will increase the child allowance.

The CAQ has announced an increase of $857 in the province’s expenditure for the current fiscal year. According to the finance minister, Eric Girard, 525 million will be spent on social programs and $332 million will be retained by the Québecois.

The improved family allowance will come into effect in January 2020, which is two years earlier than promised. The $1.4 billion surpluses was fueled by a 2.4 percent increase in Quebec’s GDP in 2019.

This will come as good news to the CAQ who are continuing to perform strongly in the polls.

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