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PROMOTING FORD’S MURDER: Far-left protestors erect a model guillotine outside of Queen’s Park
PROMOTING FORD’S MURDER: Far-left protestors erect a model guillotine outside of Queen's Park
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PROMOTING FORD’S MURDER: Far-left protestors erect a model guillotine outside of Queen’s Park 

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During May Day protests outside of Queen’s Park, masked Antifa brandished communist regalia and erected a faux guillotine painted bloody red in front of the province’s legislature.

The guillotine was a beheading device invented in 18th century France and was heavily used to execute dissenters during the violent French Revolution.

One masked woman held up a sign alongside the violent display stating: “May history repeat itself. CHOP CHOP!”

Communist symbols and flags have become a common sight at anti-Ford protests despite the fact that the ideology has claimed the lives of 100 million people through famine, state repression and genocide.

Currently, in Canada section 318-320 provides law enforcement with the power to intervene when hate symbols such as the swastika are displayed in public, however communist symbolism has yet to be treated with the same vigilance.

According to Toronto Sun reporter, Bryan Passifiume, the original account with the photos had locked its account shortly after people became aware of the hateful imagery.

Doug Ford’s office was contacted but had not replied by the time of the article’s publication.

Andrea Horwath posed with “F*ck Ford” sign

The violent display comes only one day after Andrea Horwath posed with a sign that had the explicit hashtag: “#FUCKFORD”

The leader of the opposition later apologized for the photograph on Wednesday and claimed that she was not aware of the “fine print” on the sign.

“I didn’t read the fine print on the bottom of that sign and I have apologized personally to Mr. Ford today,” said Horwath.

Horwath’s office was contacted to comment on the protests happening outside of the legislature but had not responded by the time this article was published.

Ford government targeted by vandalism

Similar messaging has appeared in vandalism targeting the Premier and members of his Progressive Conservative government.

In April vehicles were vandalized and garage doors were spray painted in Kanata, Ontario with the “F*ck Doug Ford” message. In a separate Toronto incident, the bentway was spray painted with the exact same message alongside an Antifa symbol.

The same message was also spray-painted onto the Toronto Congress Centre ahead of February 2019 fundraising dinner.

In a more extreme case, the Kawartha Lakes constituency office of Ontario’s Labour Minister Laurie Scott was broken into and trashed by vandals seeking to target the MPP and his employees.

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