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Progress Alberta accepted nearly $40,000 from Tides Foundation
Progress Alberta accepted nearly $40,000 from Tides Foundation
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Progress Alberta accepted nearly $40,000 from Tides Foundation 

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According to’s 2016 grant list, the NDP-aligned group Progress Alberta accepted nearly $40,000 from Tides, a public charity that has historically made generous donations to other anti-oil & gas movements.

This perhaps should come as no surprise.

At this point, many may have already identified the NDP’s ever-increasing leftism and hell-bentness to step away from oil and gas.

This news comes just a day after a rally in Grand Prairie, which saw an estimated 1,500 Albertans championing their cause and making their stance clear: Alberta needs its oil industry, and a government that does not hold this value is not a government that the people want.

According to Statistics Canada’s National Economic Accounts, the Mining and Oil and Gas Extraction industry accounted for approximately 27.9% of Alberta’s GDP in 2016. This is already a drop down from their 2006 numbers, which had that number at 29.1%

It shouldn’t be dismissed as “just another donation from some charity.”

This is yet another piece of proof in the pile of evidence that Albertans have been accumulating that start to show an ugly picture: The NDP want as little to do with oil as possible.

Frustrated Albertans have had their share of bad news in recent years.

With last years carbon tax increase of 50%, a tax that essentially punishes those that want to drive their own car, it’s becoming more and more clear that Premier Notley is out of touch with the rural Albertan population.

Tides has had its hands throughout Canadian anti-oil movements and the like for some time now. A grant given to David Suzuki’s foundation for $377,586 is but a drop in the bucket for Tides, who are based out of San Francisco.

Taking a closer look, some more revealing and telling numbers show that Tides does not joke around when it comes to donations to stop the Oil and Gas industry. In 2015, Tides paid $4 million to 50 anti-pipeline groups. Of that, only $750,000 went to organizations based in the United States. The remaining $3.3 million was all paid out to Canada.

It’s a pipeline of foreign cash that could be seen as a type of foreign meddling. A frustrating and troubling truth, it’s wearing the patience of Albertans thinner and thinner by the day.

The voice of Alberta is letting itself be known, and is absolutely dying to be heard. It’s clear that Albertans feel ignored and undervalued by the Provincial and Federal government.

It’s already been observed from our neighbours to the south that Trudeau has insulted the entirety of Alberta once by forgetting to name the 4th most populous province in his Canada Day speech in 2017, naming every other province and territory from east to west; every beautiful inch of our country was mentioned, from the Yukon, or British Columbia, all the way to Newfoundland & Labrador. Except for Alberta.

What do you think of this? Is it just another donation from some charity, or does it carry more serious implications? Let us know.

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