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The Premier of Quebec, François Legault, has announced that he will keep crucifixes in schools even though his government has actively promoted a ban on religious symbols.

According to Mr. Legault, the crucifix represents a cultural symbol, and not a religious symbol.

“We have to understand our past,” Legault told reporters in Yerevan, Armenia, where he is attending the Summit of Francophonie.

The crucifix, he said, invokes the role of French Catholics and British Protestants in Quebec’s history.

He has made no mention of Indigenous people.

Premier Francois Legault says he will not order schools to remove crucifixes from classrooms despite promoting a ban on…

Posted by CJAD 800 Montreal on Thursday, February 14, 2019

This makes no sense.

The Quebec Premier should seriously consider going to a Church, and observing just how much of a religious symbol the crucifix is.

Or heck, ask any practicing Christian if they view the cross as a religious symbol.

More than anything though, this move seems intentionally offensive towards the individuals of other faiths as well as those who practice no faith, who currently reside and pay taxes in Quebec.

Like me.

I pay taxes here, and I do not take part in Mr. Legault ‘s cross-filled culture.

If he believes that the faiths of others are dangerous and should not be in schools or public places than the cross should be removed too.

Allowing religious symbols from only one religion is just hypocrisy in action. But I suppose Premier François Legault has no problem with stances which make no actual sense.

For example, the Premier plans on making the legal age to consume marijuana in Quebec 21. The legal drinking age for Quebec is 18, and the Premier has made it clear, it will remain 18.

This kind of politics, which aims to limit the rights of the many, for the ignorance of the few, has no place in Quebec or Canada.

I truly hope the Premier chooses to reconsider, and re-adjust. Quebec has suffered under many years of poor-governance.

It would be a shame if the CAQ were to sabotage its first chance at governing by following the bizarre path set by previous blindly-partisan governments.

François Legault promised a new kind of nationalist leadership focused on health care, education and economic growth instead of the constitutional question.

“This era of confrontations between sovereigntists and federalists has marked an entire generation,” he said.

At this rate, the Premier seems to be preparing for the same ideals down the line, by stoking the same terrible sentiments that led Quebec down years of never ending protests and tension.

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