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PPC Candidate fired over Neo-Nazi tweet
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PPC Candidate fired over Neo-Nazi tweet 

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Fawzi Bidawi, the People’s Party of Canada nominee for Scarborough Centre, was fired from his party’s candidate list after he shared a tweet from a Neo-Nazi website.

Bidawi shared a tweet from National Vanguard, a well-known Neo-Nazi website based in Charlottesville, USA. The website posts Nazi-apologia and Holocaust-denial articles.

The article was about a white South African family whos refugee claim was apparently denied in Canada. 

Bidawi shared the article with the caption, “Does our government discriminate towards whites? Is it because they are scared that they will vote right?”

He has, on numerous occasions before, said that taking in illegal refugees will populate Canadian cities with leftist voters. 

He was schooled by many users on Twitter, and even supporters of the People’s Party. Some outright attacked him for sharing content from a neo-Nazi website, while others questioned whether he knew the nature of said website. 

To everybody’s surprise, Bidawi began justifying his post. 

In reality, according to National Post, the white South African family mentioned in the article was denied refugee status in Canada because they presented “white-supremacist hate literature” to support their claims of violence by the black majority in their native land.

Bidawi was subsequently removed from his party’s candidate role, as can be confirmed from his tweet. He changed his Twitter handle and bio to remove any references to the PPC.

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