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Liberals are beginning to express fears regarding the possibility of a minority government as the charismatic Jagmeet Singh continues to swing Liberal voters over to the NDP.

This fear has gone so far as to convince Liberal Leader Justin Trudeau to fly down to Singh’s own riding, Burnaby South, to try to take back voters from the opposition.

Liberals have increasingly fallen out of favour in B.C. over the course of Trudeau’s leadership.

Many have expressed outright anger over Trudeau’s decision to purchase the Trans Mountain Pipeline, despite his initial promises not to do so and B.C. citizens’ concerns about how it may negatively impact their lives.

According to Global News, Liberal insiders have “acknowledged that voter intentions are volatile in the province,” with the province being led by a New Democrat-Green partnership for more than two years, rather than the previous Liberal leadership.

Regarding pipelines, he came under heavy criticism over his decision to move forward with an Alberta-B.C. pipeline, but not one which would incorporate Quebec. Trudeau cited “zero social acceptability” in Quebec for his reason to not immediately begin building a pipeline into Quebec.

Furthermore, the obvious powerplay of coming to Singh’s home riding was not lost on the audience — this is the second visit Trudeau has personally made during the campaign. “When asked what message he was trying to send to Singh and the NDP with the visit, Trudeau instead warned about the billions in dollars the Conservatives have said they would cut in federal spending to fulfill their campaign promises and balance the budget in the next five years,” reports Global News.