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According to a new poll by Campaign Research, the Trudeau government appears to have been seriously impacted by the SNC-Lavalin scandal.

That story originally reported by the Globe and Mail’s Robert Fife, alleged that Prime Minister Justin Trudeau’s office had pressured the former Attorney General Jody Wilson-Raybould to drop a criminal case against SNC-Lavalin. She allegedly rejected and was replaced by David Lametti.

The PM has since rejected that claim, but notably has not waived his solicitor-client privilege with Jody Wilson-Raybould, while the Liberal-led Justice Committee has refused to call the former AG forward for witness questioning, in effect muzzling her.

Since then many high-level Liberals, including eight indigenous senators (six of which were appointed under Trudeau) have come out in support of Wilson-Raybould, including the former AG’s father who has openly stated that the PM figuratively, “kicked his daughter in the teeth”.

All of those in combination appears to have seriously hindered the PMs brand as the Campaign Research poll found the Scheer Conservatives have now taken a decisive lead.

The party now enjoys the support of roughly 37 percent of voters, while the Liberals hit a new low of 32 percent.

The NDP, led by Jagmeet Singh trailed with 14 percent, while Elizabeth May’s Green party came fourth with 7 percent.

Leading the rear, the Bloc Québécois pulled in support from 5 percent of voters, while Maxime Bernier’s PPC had 3 percent.

For comparison, the latest Nanos Research poll conducted from the four weeks leading up to February 8th shows the Conservatives trailing the Liberals by three percentage points, with 34.4 percent support to the Grits’ 37.5 percent.

With such an intense drop in overall support for the Liberals, party insiders may now begin to worry about re-election.

This drop in support from party insiders could occur because, in 2015, the Liberals managed to pull together a sizable coalition under the Trudeau name, if that brand is now severely tarnished, the party could risk a repeat of 2011 when the party was almost wiped out.

The online study was conducted by Campaign Research as a part of its monthly omnibus study between February 7 to 11, and surveyed 1590 randomly selected Canadian adults.

It maintains a margin of error +/ 2.5%, 19 times out of 20.

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