Great news, Ontario sports fans. We will finally be able to tailgate like fans do outside arenas and stadiums in the United States.

While teams will ultimately be the ones to decide if they want to allow tailgating for a particular event, those that do will means fans can bring their own beer and barbecue their own food.

A government source told The Toronto Sun that all laws will still apply and the police will be checking for drinking and driving.

“Adults know they shouldn’t consume too much. Some people could get carried away, but that’s going to happen whether you have tailgating or not. This is the just government treating adults like adults,” the source said.

The Ford government has made “treating adults like adults” a core part of its mandate by removing restrictions that have plagued the province for years.

Beer and wine sales, for example, are finally going to be expanding to corner stores.

“Tailgating at Bills games is a great time and it adds to the atmosphere and adds to the fun. But when your cross the border (to Ontario) and try to do something similar at a professional sporting event here, it’s big government, nanny-state stuff. Again, we want to treat adults like adults,” the source added.

It will be interesting to see if these new changes enhance attendance at sporting events across the province.

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