Are you thinking of buying a drone to get some fantastic aerial shots of the nearby park for an hour long Youtube video?

You’ll need to get a license for that or face a fine ranging from $1000-$5000.

The fine can move up to $15,000 if a corporate pilot is also caught putting the aircraft or people at risk.

According to the Canadian Aviation Regulations, everyone flying a drone between 250 grams and 25 kilograms must do so with a license issued by the federal government.

Individuals who plan to never fly in controlled airspace or within 30 metres of bystanders can apply for a basic license. The basic license requires passing a $10 online exam, registering with Transport Canada, marking the drone with a registration number, and carrying the pilot certificate whenever the drone is in use.

Users must be 14 or older for the basic license.

For those who plan on flying near controlled air spaces, an in-person flight review is required alongside permission from air traffic controllers each time flying near controlled spaces.

Users must be 16 or older for the advanced license.

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