Nova Scotia has now penned themselves as the next province to undergo further changes to their gender options on provincial ID. 

According to Global, the announcement will be made on Tuesday at Halifax’s downtown library by the minister for Service Nova Scotia and Internal Affairs, Patricia Arab.

The new changes will expand on the province’s September announcement that gave Nova Scotians the option of choosing “X” as a gender on birth certficates.

The new changes will “include other identity documents from government,” the spokesperson said Monday.

That announcement also unveiled amendments to the Vital Statistics Act that made it optional to reveal sex on a birth certificate, and also waived the $24.95 price tag attached to changing the gender indicator.

Geoff MacLellan, the former minister of Service Nova Scotia, said the changes are about making Nova Scotia more inclusive.

Those who are 16 or older will also no longer require a statement from a health professional to change their legal sex indicator on birth certificates.

The move puts Nova Scotia in the same category as Ontario, Newfoundland and Labrador, Alberta, Yukon and N.W.T. in allowing citizens to choose “X” as a gender option.

Saskatchewan and Ontario have also allowed citizens to not display the sex field on birth certificates. Federal governments use “X” on passports.