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Notley protects identities of MLAs accused of sexual misconduct 

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Just ahead of the Alberta election, NDP Premier Rachel Notley has stated that she will protect the identities of two NDP MLAs involved in sexual misconduct claims to “maintain the privacy” of the victims.

The allegations include incidents dating all the way back to 2015 which occurred outside of the workplace.

According to sources, the MLAs were reprimanded after an independent investigation was launched, however Notley refuses to reveal what the punishments were.

“We know that both of the complainants were made aware of what those recommendations were and we thought that they were satisfactory,” said the Premier.

The decision is in stark contrast to the federal NDP leader Jagmeet Singh who took a sterner approach to one of his MPs being accused of sexual assault by immediately removing him from the caucus.

In 2018, Saskatchewan NDP MP Erin Weir was accused of sexual misconduct and Singh abruptly removed the MP from caucus. Even after several MPs came to Weir’s defense, Singh refused to admit him back into the party.

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