DART & Maru/Blue Voice Canada has released an exclusive poll to the Toronto Sun showing that support for Trudeau is nearly ten points lower than his party, while the Conservatives hold a seven-point lead over the Liberals.

The poll was conducted online with a panel of 1,512 adult Canadians on Aug. 16-17 and is credited with a high degree of accuracy, within 2.9%.

Currently, the Conservatives lead with 39%, up two points since July. This moderate increase comes from growing support across Alberta where Conservatives are “expected to sweep,” reports the Toronto Sun. Liberals remain unchanged, sitting at 32% support. Conversely, they are being “buoyed by very strong numbers in Atlantic Canada.” Finally, the NDP retains their third-place position with 15% support.

However, while the Liberal Party still holds a great deal of clout in the country, their leader, Justin Trudeau, polls at a significantly lower support rate then his own party.

“Asked whether they agreed with the statement that, “the Liberals under Justin Trudeau have done a good job and deserve to be re-elected,” just 26% said yes,” reports the Toronto Sun.

“It goes to the momentum to get people out,” pollster John Wright told the Toronto Sun. “There’s no momentum.”

“You throw governments out, you don’t vote new ones in and right now the momentum to throw this government out is massive.”

However, this low level of support was already the case, and it does not appear that the SNC-Lavalin scandal has significantly swayed Trudeau supporters.

Finally, it looks like people are making up their minds as the election nears. Those who said they were undecided dropped from 22% to just 10% since the last poll.