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New national women’s initiative aims to tackle big issue topics

New national women’s initiative aims to tackle big issue topics 

Canada: Powered by Women, a new national initiative designed to bring women together physically and virtually through social media to have political discussions about big issues, was started over the summer by a group of women from Calgary. They are not a women’s group per se, in that they are not interested in women-only issues. Instead, they see themselves as a women’s group that is defending the best interests of all Canadians. The group is based in Calgary, and has its roots in the energy sector. But the group, which is registered with Elections Canada as third-party advertisers, prides itself on creating a space that is open to perspectives from all regions and sectors. 

The group was spurred into action by a late August Angus Reid survey which showed that more than half of uncommitted voters (58 percent) at that time were women under 35. This prompted the group to hire Leger Research to take a closer look at this and they found that: 

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