A motion put forward by NDP MP Daniel Blaikie called upon the federal government to recover the $12 million awarded to Loblaws intended for upgrading the company’s refrigeration systems

The “corporate influence over the government” vote lambasted the Liberals for their corporate welfare measures and preferential treatment of big businesses.

“That, in the opinion of the House, corporate executives and their lobbyists have had too much access to and influence over the Government of Canada, setting working Canadians and their families back,” read the motion.

Among the things outlined as corporate influence in the vote were:

  • Lobbying the Prime Minister to politically interfere in the Public Prosecution Service of Canada
  • Preference for pharmaceutical companies resulting in high prices of drugs
  • Subsidies for oil and gas developers
  • The $12 million “handout” to Loblaws
  • Letting banks review and revise their reports on anti-consumer practices
  • Leaving tax loopholes intact for the wealthy

The vote was eventually turned down.

251 voted against and 49 for, through a combined effort by the Liberals and the Conservatives. On the other hand, the NDP were joined by the Bloc Quebecois and the Green Party.

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