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The newly hired director of communications for the NDP, Kerry Pither has resigned from her position in the party.

Pither spent less than a year in the position since being hired by the NDP last spring.

The resignation comes after two other party staffers announced their resignation earlier this month.

NDP head of information technology, Jacob Homel, and press secretary Orian Labrèche have also left their post in the ailing party only this month.

While the NDP insist that the turnover rate is regular business, the party has lost a lot of its former vitality since Jagmeet Singh came to be its leader.

Singh, who is currently embroiled in a contested byelection in Burnaby South has seen several members leave from under the party’s banner.

According to party insiders a small caucus of senior members from within the party have approached the party leader telling him that if he loses the Burnaby South riding, he won’t be able to remain as a party leader.

A loss for Singh would plunge the party into a leadership race which might leave it crippled in time for the 2019 federal election.