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Morrissey: The last unwoke pop star
Morrissey: The Last Unwoke Pop Star

Morrissey: The last unwoke pop star 

There was always only one Morrissey. But in 2019, this matters more than it ever has. All intelligent people know that we must separate the art from the artist. In our culture, this results in disallowing an artists’ real-life actions to affect the perception and appreciation of their art. It’s harder to apply this basic rule to Morrissey. That’s because, more than any other artist, Morrissey is his art.

The concept of an individual artist embodying their art to the point where they are indistinguishable from it is as 20th century a phenomenon as new wave. Musicians who appear to be what they present themselves as have been lauded and worshipped. So, what is Morrissey? As an artist who has maintained an elevated sense of mystery about his work, his sexuality, and his political perspectives, he continues to make music that calls directly to the hearts of his fans.  

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