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NDP VP condemns “predatory” behaviour of trans-activist who got Meghan Murphy banned from Twitter
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NDP VP condemns “predatory” behaviour of trans-activist who got Meghan Murphy banned from Twitter 

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In a somewhat unexpected turn of events, Morgane Oger, trans-activist and the Vice President of the British Columbia NDP, released a Friday-night blogpost condemning Jessica Yaniv for accusations of sexual impropriety that have been waged against her by numerous women and girls.

In a blogpost titled “Preying on children makes you a predator, regardless of who you are,” Oger juggles the sensitivity marginalized people have towards accusation of wrongdoing in their own community, and acts she describes as “outrageously inappropriate.” She cites her inspiration for writing the post as both Yaniv’s continued engagement in programs that target young girls, and her recent appearance in front of municipal policymakers, assumingly, as a representative of the transgender community.

“None of the allegations I write about today have been proven or ruled on by a court. This article is based entirely on eyewitness accounts, which are always highly subjective,” writes Oger.

Oger notes that she had previously rejected Yaniv’s offer to become an advocate for trans access to women’s services at the Trans Alliance Society, citing Yaniv’s past history.

Oger then goes on to state that she tracked down and heard “witnesses with first-person accounts” of Yaniv’s online behavior spanning from 2013 to 2018, and that the women had evidence to support their claims.

The women, according to Oger, were all young women and girls at the time of their experience, and that she encouraged them to file police reports, going on to say “I hope this has an effect, and with enough police reports over time there might be a case.”

Oger concludes her piece by encouraging anyone who has experienced predatory online behavior to contact their local police, providing links to online resources against predatory sexual behaviour, but not before noting that Yaniv has never address her “widely-documented” past behavior. “I believe people can change,” Oger continues, “but I see no signs of this having happened.”

While Oger does not explicitly state which accusations, details within her post mentioning Yaniv’s “negative behavior” as being focused on menstrual products according to chatlogs that emerged in 2018 from a young women in which Yaniv persistently attempts questions on “10-12 year old girls” and their bathroom habits, at one point asking if she should go into a stall with a young girl to “help her” insert her tampons.

Jessica Yaniv, is known for having been the cause of Feminist Current founder Meghan Murphy’s permanent suspension from Twitter.

In November of 2018, Murphy was banned for “deadnaming” Yaniv, using her legal male name, while also covering some of the accusations Oger point to in her blogpost.

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