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While the entire world still tries to process the horrendous attacks in New Zealand, in which 49 were killed with many more injured, people have taken to Twitter to show their solidarity with those affected in the attack.

Politicians across the globe have expressed their condolences, including the leaders of all three major Canadian political parties. But unfortunately for Conservative Party leader Andrew Scheer, his original response has received by far the most backlash.

The reason for the grilling? Scheer seemingly avoided using words like “Islam,” “Muslim,” or “mosque”. It should be of note that Scheer’s tweets were far and away the soonest after the massacre, and it could be argued that media reporting was unclear at his time of tweeting. Though it does appear as though Scheer (or the team responsible for managing his social media) were aware that the building in which the shooting took place was a “place of worship.”

Just one hour after Scheer’s tweet, Jagmeet Singh’s apology mentions by name the place of worship, and specifically calls out Islamophobia.

This morning, Justin Trudeau also tweeted his condolences.

As of right now, PPC leader Maxime Bernier has not commented on the Mosque massacre, though his social media has been active, retweeting other posts unrelated to the incident.

For Scheer, this could be seen as an innocent slip up, that perhaps his use of the phrase “place of worship” would be used in other contexts, but unfortunately that is not the case.

Scheer specifying a synagogue by name while leaving out any hint of Islam in his original apology caused a firestorm in his replies, with many quick to call racism and islamophobia on Scheer’s part.

Scheer’s follow-up statement uses all of the magic words required for a successful apology, though it was too little too late for many, who have flooded Scheer’s responses, angrily lampooning the CPC leader for the lack of correct verbiage.

Many cried foul, as the mob mentality in the tweets determined that Scheer’s Facebook post which was released 15 hours after the initial tweet was a form of “damage control.”

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