Oh what a tangled web we weave!

Today at 2:50 pm, just as rush hour approached in Toronto, an unidentified man in a Spider-Man costume threw rope up across the streetcar wires at Spadina Avenue and Queen Street.

The Toronto Police Services tweeted out that he was “webbing off part of the sidewalk.”

Reaction was fast and furious on social media, with one tweeter saying, “Spider-Man wreaking havoc in downtown Toronto, hope he doesn’t electrocute himself.”

“Toronto Spider-Man is a menace,” tweeted another.

This is not the first time, Toronto Spidey has struck, but it is perhaps his most dangerous stunt.

It appears that, like a streak of light, the Toronto police arrived just in time. There is no update regarding the man’s identity as of yet, though reports from the Daily Bugle suggest that it might just be Peter Parker.